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Turbine Foundation Optimizer – For the Winds of the World |Before construction

Optimizing wind turbine foundations before construction

Even before the construction begins, we do everything we can to make sure that your wind energy business is built on a solid, optimized foundation. It all starts by choosing the right foundation design.

Every foundation can be optimized for its location by choosing the correct design and right design parameters. The aim is to use less steel and concrete. As environmental issues are getting more and more important, we also conduct CO2 studies and constantly seek ways to lower emissions.

With our fine-tuned process, we can offer you a preliminary design as scheduled. This helps you to assess the costs of foundations – especially handy when there are several rock and soil types in your wind park.

Optimization in production translates not only into lower CO2 emissions, but also to better efficiency and shorter lead times.

A true global supplier, we have several factories capable of producing turbine foundations. There always is a slot for your project. This is why issues like strikes, global pandemics or global market wars do not affect Peikko as much as many other companies.

Most of our products are done in‑house to optimize delivery times and accuracy. Our factories in Finland, Lithuania, and Slovakia serve overlapping wind energy projects. The plants have parallel processes, the same quality management systems, and integrated production management systems, so that you will get the same quality every time no matter where the components are produced.

The production can be shifted from one place to another overnight. All in all, Peikko has factories in eleven countries in North America, Europe, Middle East, China, and Australia. We can and will utilize all of them to make sure your project runs smoothly even in uncertain times. Whenever possible, we always choose the production plant that is closest to your site to lower the CO2 emissions further.

We can have the foundation components ready for shipping starting from three weeks.


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