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Peikko has a strong focus on R&D. Peikko has introduced many new and innovative solutions to the markets, which, in time, have formed the common way of constructing. A good example of such a solution is the column connection made using column shoes and anchor bolts. Peikko actively participates in standardization work and large international research projects. Cooperation is made with leading research institutes.


In order to get specific knowledge of the behavior of connections, Peikko conducts more advanced research than it is required by the standards or for product approvals. The goal is to form a comprehensive understanding of how connections and Peikko’s solutions behave.

The resistance of structures is analyzed with different load types, such as static, thermal, dynamic, seismic, and fatigue. In addition to structural resistance, different behavioral issues, such as deformations, ductility, energy dissipation, drying, and thermal expansion, are also analyzed.

Product development

Peikko's products make the customers’ construction process faster, easier, and more reliable. Product development starts from the needs of the customer or the market. Our goal is to influence the construction process, from the choice of technical solution through the construction phase all the way to the use of the building during its entire life cycle.

Even if Peikko operates globally, we find it very important to make sure that the products fulfill local regulations and are suitable for local practices. This way, our products are safe to use during their entire life cycle.

Free design tools

Peikko develops different tools for structural designers, such as technical manuals, connection design software, as well as components for modeling structures and building information management.

Read more about our tools for designers.

Peikko and Circular Economy

The building industry is responsible for major societal impact, with 40% of total energy use and 30% of the global amount of waste. The concrete business has a particularly great responsibility as we account for a large proportion of this.

That is why now have chosen to focus on the environment by converting our products and company strategy to the Circular Economy. We want the building industry to be part of the solution and not the problem.

In our white paper we aim to describe what Peikko has already done, what Peikko is currently involved in, and what Peikko’s long-term aims are in terms of the Circular Economy.

White Paper: In search of a bright, circular future!