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Turbine Foundation Optimizer – For the Winds of the World |Gravity7 Foundation

Gravity7 Foundation – optimizing the size, weight, and costs

Gravity7 foundation is used on a variety of geotechnical conditions: semi‑soft soil, load‑bearing soil, and solid rock. The loads are transferred from the tower to the ground through an anchor cage along with a wide and shallow foundation over large area of soil.

Peikko’s design optimizes the foundation size, weight, and costs. For example, a 5.5 MW turbine with a tower height of 120 meters uses:

  • 700 m3 of concrete (70 truckloads)
  • 90 t of steel (4,5 truckloads)
  • 1 anchor cage (1 truckload)

Read more about Gravity7: The respected gravity foundation reaches 7th generation




CO2 emissions when compared to traditional solutions


Installation phases

  1. 1 day
    Anchor cage assembly

  2. 3-4 days

  3. 1 day

  4. 5-6 days

Specialist equipment

Installation team

8 skilled workers


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