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Solutions for Wind Foundations -Insights

White Paper: Soil Modulus for Onshore Wind Foundation Design

This White Paper is an instruction on how to derive input parameters for the Hardening soil small strain (HSS) mathematical model, which is one of the best for wind turbine foundations in terms of accuracy and safety.

Wind turbine size and power are increasing quickly and consequently loads on wind turbine foundations have been doubling in roughly the past eight years. Higher loads would imply higher steel and concrete volumes. In its role as a forerunner, Peikko continuously searches to further optimize steel and concrete volumes and has developed a state-of-the-art calculation method which requires less well-known soil parameters for each subsoil layer. This white paper presents a comprehensive study on soil modulus for different soil types, aiming to provide theoretical and practical guidelines to those involved in the onshore wind turbine foundation design.

Peikko White Paper - Summary: Soil modulus for onshore wind foundation design

Peikko White Paper: Soil modulus for onshore wind foundation design

White Paper: Insights into Modern Rock Anchored Foundation Design

The power, size, and foundation loads of wind turbines continue to increase. As modern design solutions need to be optimized in terms of safety, CO2 emissions, and cost, the initial data requirements as well as the design methods and programs used in foundation design must be refined and developed accordingly.

Peikko has prepared a new White Paper in cooperation with Sweco Finland Oy and Rock Mechanics Consulting Finland Oy. The publication discusses the key factors that affect the economic design of a modern rock anchor foundation.

The White Paper provides the latest information for designers of anchored foundations by presenting clear and practical examples on determining the length of rock anchors and the apex angle of the rock cone, among others. The publication also instructs the reader on how to determine and use the initial data for stability against overturning, analytical calculation, and numerical 3D simulation when designing onshore wind turbine foundations.


White Paper: Coming Soon