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Minor changes in PEC® Column Shoe properties – changed lengths of anchorage bars, calculation according to Eurocode

Peikko’s PEC® Column Shoes have undergone minor changes. The renewal is based on new Eurocode-based calculation. The shape of the new PEC® Column Shoe is similar to the old model; there are no visual changes. Deliveries of the Eurocode-based PEC® Column Shoes will start in September, projects calculated earlier are delivered using the old product type. The old and new types are completely interchangeable, so the product change does not affect the product’s properties, like resistance.

The only major change in the PEC® Column Shoe has been made to the length of the main anchor bars and the rear anchor bar. The changed lengths of the anchor bars can be viewed on the product information page.

Peikko’s current Column Shoe Casting Boxes can be used also with the renewed Eurocode-based model.


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