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Turbine Foundation Optimizer – For the Winds of the World |After construction

Optimizing wind turbine foundations after construction

Even after the foundation is completed, onsite activity will be as high as ever. You will have heavy machinery around, the mast needs to be erected and the turbine and its blades installed.

It is reassuring to know that we are happy to stand by your side and support should any foundation-related issues arise during construction – and even after the wind park is completed and commissioned. We do everything in our power to make things right: analyze the situation, collect data, and give recommendations, statements and verifications.

When the turbines are reaching the end of their lives, we can evaluate the foundations to see if turbine lifespan can be – from the foundation point of view – extended. This way your investment will have extra operational years and keep on producing energy with no added cost.

Find a solution for your wind turbine foundation needs

Gravity7 Wind Turbine Foundation – Optimizing the size, weight and costs

Used on a variety of geotechnical conditions: semi‑soft soil, load‑bearing soil, and solid rock. 

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Pile Wind Turbine Foundation – Soft soil performance second to none

Developed for use in locations with soft or semi‑soft soil types.

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Rock Wind Turbine Foundation – hard‑to‑beat CO2 emissions and costs

When solid bedrock is on the surface or max 2 meters deep, rock foundation is an optimum choice.

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Cage Rock Foundation – making the most of weak rock

Cage rock foundation excels in locations with weak bedrock. It’s an option also if bedrock is 2‑5 meters below the surface.

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